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We are a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced fender systems.Our high-performance solutions combine low reaction force and hull pressure with good angular performance and rugged construction.
1) High Performance Fenders
Super Cone, SCK Super Cell, AN and ANP Arch Fenders, Parallel Motion Fenders and Unit Elements are Type Approved by PIANC 2002
Super Cone Fenders
SCK Cell Fenders
Parallel Motion Fenders
Unit Elements
Arch Fenders
Easy to fit and needing little maintenance, modular fenders are the basis for many fender systems.
MV Elements
3) Multi-Purpose Fenders
Multi-purpose fenders include the popular Cylindrical, Extruded and Composite fenders, as well as versatile Fender Bars.
Cylindrical Fenders
Extruded Fenders
Composite Fenders
Fender Bars
Marine Protection Plates
Ramp and Cope Protectors
Shear Fenders
4) Pneumatic & Rolling Fenders
Pneumatic fenders can be installed and moved rapidly in any tidal range.
Pneumatic Fenders
Hydro-Pneumatic Fenders
Wheel Fenders
Roller Fenders
Cushion Rollers
5) Foam Fenders
The foam absorbs the impacts whilst the skin resists wear and tear in an aggressive environment.
Donut Fenders
6) Safety Products
ML Modular ladders are flexible, corrosion resistant and can withstand most accidental impacts from smaller vessels.
The LF-250 integrates the functions of a ladder and a fender into a single unit. They are very robust but remain flexible to reduce accidental damage and help protect the wharf when small craft berth.

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