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We are specialists in constructing ladfalls for oil and gas pipelines. Working in coastal waters
requires both strength and power to resist forces of nature-yet at the same time very small
draught when working close to the beach. For this unusual combination of strength and
fragility we assign both heavy plant, including formidable ocean-going dredgers and land-based equipment.
 Offshore dredging
Offshroe Dredging encompass pre-trenching, pre-sweeping, sandwave removal prior pipelay
and glory hole dredging. These activities require high precision in line with the high standards
of safety, quality and environmental care.
 Rock placement
Offshore platforms and pipelines are valuable, yet vulnerable installations. The highest care is required for their protection. Protection is assigned to only the most experienced companies, that know what it is to work in this environment.
We are an expert company in precision rock placement. We have long-term experience on a worldwide basis. High tech fallpipe vessels are the plant of choice, with a proved capacity of
precision work up to 2,000m or more under the water surface.
 Seabed preparation
Seabed preparation is a special application for rock placement. It calls for a close co-operation with the main contractor, consultant and the client, and requires knowing and feeling the ins
and outs. We have built-up an extensive experience in seabed preparation, thanks to contracts
all over the world.
 Power cable installation
We have the specialized knowledge, experience and techniques that are required for the installation of high voltage marine
power cables. We manage the complete installation process, including route preparation, pre-lay dredging, trenching, cable
laying, protection of crossings, and landfalls.