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Dredging & Reclamation

Deepening and maintaining navigation channels, dredging for major port infrastructure develop ment, sand winning and reclamation of new industrial or residential areas, artificial islands, beaches and coastal development..
Dredging and land reclamation is laying the foundations of future prosperity. 
Protection against flooding and creating deep access to maritime sea routes was the basic requirement for creating prosperity.
In the course of many centuries, hydraulic engineering, dredging technology and land reclamation have emerged as means for creating water-bound prosperity and economic development.

Maintaining and expanding our waterways is a prerequisite for safety and commerce. More than 60 percent of the world’s
population lives less than 100 kilometers from open water. Of the world’s 19 mega cities - those with over ten million inhabitants - 13 are built in coastal zones. Water is both a threat and an opportunity to mankind.

The expected growth of world population to 8-10 billion people in 2050 will create enormous challenges for transporting people and goods in a safe, economic and environmentally acceptable way. Waterborne transport will grow and hence infrastructure
must be adapted. The pressures of overpopulation, the growth of industry and the need for protection of the environment will further push people to contain the rivers and conquer land from the sea.
Marine Equipment Available
Trailing Suction Hopper
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