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The loading systems offer customers advanced technology and qualified certificates
1) RC Single Pipeline Marine Loading Arm
This is a typical rotary counterweight marine loading arm. All of the vertical load and overturn moment should be sup
ported by the base riser and supporting device to make the pipeline and the swivel joints free in theory. It can bema
neuveredneatly by hydraulic cylinder in three directions, and the balance system consist of a pantograph for transmit
ting balancing loads from the outboard arm to the secondary counterweight
2) RC Double Pipeline Marine Loading Arm
It incorporates a vapor line to carry the return vapor to the outlet flange. Others are same as the single pipeline arm.
It is mainly used to transit the LPG and ammonia and some dangerous media.
3) Cryogenic Marine Loading Arm
Cryogenic loading arm is a new kind of marine loading arm which is used for conveying some cryogenic media such as LNG, ethylene and so on. Materials used for the main pipeline mainly depend on the temperature of products. The supp
orting structure of the arm is designed specially to prevent it from contacting the cryogenic pipeline, and to avoid the m
aterial performance changing in the condition of cryogenic temperature, such as cold shortness. The swivel joint, which
is the key part of the loading arm, is also designed specially to make the whole six pieces of swivel joint cycled by Nitro
gen gas. In this case, it can put the vapor out of the swivel joint to avoid icing in the race way of swivel joint and protec
t the race way from being broken.
4) Arm On Vehicle
This type of loading arm consists of two parts: the marine loading arm connected with vessel and the land loading arm connected with the local pipeline.
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