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Equipment and systems designed for trouble-free vessel docking, mooring and monitoring. We’ll create a solution for you based on field-proven and cutting-edge technologies.
1) Mooring System
Quick Release Hooks
Quick Release Hooks to Secure Mooring Lines
45t ~ 150t
Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple
Capstans to Reel in Messenger Lines
1.0t ~ 3.0t
Remote Release
Remote Release Systems to Ensure Mooring Lines are Released Safely and Efficiently
Conventional Push Button Type
Virtual Remote Release Type
SmartHook®Load Monitoring
Load Monitoring Systems to Check that Mooring Line Loads Remain Within the Parameters

Double Hook Unit at Oil
and Products Berth,

Double Hook Unit at LNG Terminal in Equatorial Guinea

Electric Vertical Capstans are Used to Haul in the Messenger Line, which in Turn Pulls the Mooring Line to the Quick Release Hook

Detail of Release Cable from Electric Actuator

Remote Release Console

 QRH with LoadCell

SmartHook® Load Monitoring Provides Jetty Operators with Real-Time Readings of the Load on Mooring Lines

2) Bollards
The Bollards come in many popular Shapes and Sizes to suit most Docks, Jetties and Wharves.
Tee Bollard
Horn Bollard
Kidney Bollard
3) Smartdock Docking and Piloting
Smartdock DAS Software
Smartdock software processes the data from the laser sensors and displays it on an operator’s computer or pilot’s laptop in a user-friendly way.
Smartdock DAS Display Options
To meet the requirements of jetty operators, pilots and vessel masters, Smartdock includes several methods of conveying the data measured by the laser sensors.
Laser Sensor
Main Display Board
Carry on Board

DAS Screen for an LNG Vessel

Hand-Held Monitors

Compact Remote Indicator

4) Marine Environmental Monitoring
Information Measured and Recorded Includes:
Wind Speed and Direction
Wave Height, Frequency and Direction
Tide Level and Trend
Ocean Current Speed and Direction
Salinity and Water Temperature
Barometric Pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Rainfall and Visibility.
Weather Station
Wave & Tide Sensor
Current Sensor

Integrate Environmental Monitoring Screen

5) Integrated Monitoring
We design and engineer turnkey systems with integrated SmartHook® load monitoring, remote release, Smartdock® docking aid system and environmental monitoring modules. This brings together the best technology into one single, fully-interfaced system. As individual modules are upgraded, the enhanced features and benefits of each become part of our integrated solution.

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