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Equipment and systems designed for trouble-free vessel docking, mooring and monitoring. We’ll create a solution for you based on field-proven and cutting-edge technologies.
1) Ship to Ship Berthing & Mooring System
QRH 45t ~ 150t (Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple)
Pneumatic & Foam Filled Fender
Fender Davit
DAS & GPS Monitoring
QRH Fender davit Monitoring system
2) Tandem Mooring & Offloading System
Hawser Hooks : 200t ~ 350t
Chain Stoppers : 250t ~ 350t
Offloading Hose
Vertical Hawser Reeler
Hawser hooks Chain stopper Vertical Hawser reeler
3) Crane & Winch
Deck Crane
Floating Dock Crane
Sand Carrier Davit
Mooring Winch
Towing Winch
Marine Tow Winch
Dock Capstan
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