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Offshore Anchor Chains, Marine Anchor Chains, Offshore Anchor & Mooring Systems
1) Offshore Anchor Chains
Production Diameter: 60 ~ 185mm(Individual Links up to 210mm )
Quality: R5, R4S, R3S, R3
Accessory: Standard D-Type Shackles to Specialized H-Type Shackles, LLLC Links, Plates
Present Capacity: 36,000 tons per year
2) Marine Anchor Chains
Production Diameter: 38~132mm
Quality: Grade 3
Present Capacity: 12,000 tons per year
3) Offshore Anchor & Mooring Systems
3-1) Anchors
Types: Stevmanta VLA, Stevshark, Stevtensioner, Stevpris MK5, Stevpris NG, Flipper Delta Anchor, Pool Anchor,
           Spek Anchor, Etc.
Tevpris MK5 Stemanta Stevpris NG  
Stevpris MK5 Anchor
The majority of the Stevpris MK5 anchor Applications are found in permanent mooring systems such as FPSO, FSU, SPM and in temporary mooring systems for mobile drilling units (MODU)
The Stevpris MK5 is easy to handle, install, retrieve and has uplift capacity.
The Stevpris MK5 offers the highest holding power available because of its large fluke area, slender open shape and
self-burying prismatic V-shaped shank which results in minimum soil disturbance and deep penetration.
Stemanta VLA(Vertical Load Anchor)
The Stemanta VLA is perfectly suitable for use on a rig and Even allows the rigs to be taut leg moored, so that the much shorter mooring lines create an obvious weight saving. The VLA’s installation is conventional and simple, as is its retrival. The benefits are clear.
Stevpris NG (New Generation) Anchor
The Stevpris New Generation provides holing power that is well in excess of 30% Higher than that of any other existing drag anchor, today
3-2) Mooring Ropes and Components
Mooring wire ropes
Six Strand Cable
Spiral Strand Cable
Mooring components
Buoys and Fenders
Chain Stoppers
Chain Chasers
Connectors & Fitting
Subsea Connector
Floating Hoses Tensioning Equipment